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NYC Holistic Alternative Community and Health Resources

At Sage Wellness, we have a strong belief in community support.

Here is a list of some great organizations, individuals and websites providing you with trusted information on some important health topics.


Erica Shane Childbirth
Erica has a true calling to be a doula. She offers support in both birthing and post partum care. She is knowledgeable and really "holds your hand" with your pregnancy, birthing and post partum needs.


Village Obstetrics
Both Dr. Musalli and Dr. Worth are not only great obstetrician; they provide a warm environment, answer all your questions and offer great obstetric care.

Parenting Resources

Tribeca Parenting
Erica Lyon who headed Real Birth has now moved to Tribeca Parenting. Tribeca Parenting offers great resources with lactation classes and birthing classes. They have multiple locations throughout the city.


Jenny Harris

Jenny Harris works with both individuals as well as married couples. She provides great therapeutic practices to ultimately help others achieve emotional balance with struggles or life situation they are dealing with.

Pregnancy Resources

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga offers yoga classes for pregnant moms as well as a great online community in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Choices in Childbirth
A wonderful organization, located in Manhattan, dedicated to educating women on their choices and rights in birthing.

Recommended Readings:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Tony Weshler
Very informative book if you are trying to get pregnant

The Fertility Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis
Great book on Chinese Medicine and Infertility

The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk
Good for the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

At Sage Wellness,
we have a strong belief
in community.