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Sage Wellness Acupuncture Success Stories

I am grateful to do what I do and heal my patients in order to help them to achieve their goals in their health. See what my patients have to say.

Post Partum Wrist Pain

I started seeing Deb, because I am was past my due date and I did not want to be induced with Pitocin. Deb worked miracles and after two visits I was well on my way to having my baby. Deb's treatment helped with inducing my labor, though emotionally her work was extremely beneficial, I felt lighter and the most at ease I ever felt during my entire pregnancy... on my 41st week! After I had my baby, I continued to see Deb as she eased the postpartum transitions. At one point, I fell and bruised the tissue in my arm. Deb's acupuncture healed it. It was truly amazing. I went from one day being unable to twist a bottle cap or hold my baby to not feeling an ounce of pain. Her warmth and openness make her easy to tell just about anything and the work she does as an acupuncturist is a true gift. I am lucky to have had a baby who decided to hang out past her due date or I would never have met Deb. She is a truly remarkable healer.

– Zoe H., MA, LMFT

From No Periods to Pregnant!

My husband and I are eternally grateful for Deb’s consummate care and compassionate disposition! I am healthy, fit and in my late 20s and naively assumed I’d have an easy time conceiving. I went off birth control in January 2010. After having my menstrual cycle only once during that year, my OBGYN referred me to acupuncture. I was a skeptic! In January 2011, I interviewed several practitioners before finding Deb. I knew instantly I had connected with the right caregiver - she answered her phone immediately and spent over 15 minutes providing an overview of her practice, treatment options, and answering my questions. Her treatment has been just as thorough since.

I saw Deb weekly for 6 months and then biweekly for an additional 3 months. In addition to acupuncture sessions, she prescribed twice daily herbal teas. She taught me to track my temperature and become in tune to my body’s natural rhythm. Deb’s listening ear, calm demeanor and encouragement were just as critical to my care as the knowledgeable treatment. (My husband refers to Deb as my sanity). I started to see physical changes like my body temperature rising and my skin becoming more nourished. My menstrual cycle returned (albeit a 48 day cycle). In November, we had an early stage miscarriage, and though devastated, tried to remain optimistic about our chances of conceiving again. The very next month, my husband and I successfully conceived! Now through the first trimester, we are overjoyed to welcome our first baby in August. As we anxiously await our little one, not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings for finding Deb!

– Carolyn, Murray Hill, Manhattan

Relief from IBS

"Before I found Deb, I had been sick for months. I had no energy, no appetite, and the little food that I could get down would send me running to the bathroom. After lots of tests and lab work, I was finally told that I had IBS and that my digestion would probably never return to normal. That was really depressing to hear; I was so sick it was getting to the point where it was difficult for me to leave the house.

"Then a friend suggested that I try acupuncture. I had never tried holistic medicine before, but I knew I had to give it a shot. I cannot praise Deb highly enough. She carefully listened to all of my symptoms, and then told me, "Of course you're going to get better." And you know what? After two treatments (along with the herbs she prescribed), my digestive system started getting stronger. I had more energy. As time went on, my appetite started coming back.

"When I learned that I needed to have my gall bladder removed, Deb was there for me. I continued treatments with her before and after the surgery. I really have not had digestive issues since. No more urgently running to the bathroom. My appetite is back to normal, my energy is great… I feel like myself again! I couldn’t have gotten to this point without Deb. I always left my treatments feeling better than when I went in. I really feel like the acupuncture has helped me to get my life back."

– Emily

Menstrual Regularity, Decreased Pain and Anxiety, Fertility Success

"Concerns about fertility, chronic bladder and kidney discomfort, and general anxiety were what brought me to Deb's acupuncture practice. What kept me coming back each week was her holistic approach to my mind and body, her cheerful and supportive bedside manner, and her extensive knowledge as a practitioner. I looked forward to each session, knowing that it was time for a restorative check-in with Deb as well as an investment in my health and wellness. Through three short months of acupuncture sessions and only one month of Chinese herbal medicine, I experienced menstrual cycle regularity, increased circulation and decreased pain and anxiety. The real miracle however, was a positive pregnancy test at the end of the third month -- without conventional fertility medication! I cannot recommend Deb highly enough."

– E.M., Communications Director

44 Going Through IVF With Frozen Embryo

"I am a 44-year-old female who has been trying to get pregnant for the past year. I have gone through two IVF cycles before I got pregnant with a frozen embryo transfer left over from an egg by the second IVF cycle. Prior to the transfer, I went to Debbie Valentin to prepare me for the frozen embryo cycle. I was immediately impressed by how caring and knowledgeable she was. She was sympathetic to my concerns and put me at ease right away with her professional bedside manner. I was elated to find out that I was pregnant under her care. Prior to the acupuncture session, she would take her time out to consult with me about my current condition and adjust her acupuncture services according to my needs. I always leave her place with a sense of calm and relaxation. I would recommend her highly to anyone who has doubts about alternative medicine enhancing a woman's chance of fertility. Miracles do happen and it happened to me with the help of Debbie. Forever thankful for her service."
– K.K., Teacher

Getting Pregnant

"I first visited Deb Valentin in preparation for a course of IVF. The initial phone consultation put me at ease about acupuncture, needles and Deb's approach. The first visit removed any doubts I had. It was wonderful! During the following months Deb continued to help prepare me for the IVF treatment even attending the clinic and performing treatment on the day of the transfer. Her relaxed and friendly manner was a real support during a stressful time. My husband and I feel that Deb's treatment and support during the IVF treatment played a key role in achieving and sustaining my pregnancy. I've continued to see Deb and she has helped treat some of the conditions associated with my pregnancy such as nausea as well as reducing my stress levels. She has been an amazing advocate for a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle and has given me information and ideas about how to make small yet significant changes in diet and exercise to promote my own (and baby's) health. My visits to Deb have become one of the relaxed highlights in a fast paced world. I would recommend her without hesitation."
– Elizabeth, Business Owner

Fatigue and Mono

"After suffering with Mono for 16 months I became desperate for some relief. I saw about 9 different doctors who could only prescribe rest. I felt the doctors I spoke to did not understand how debilitating this virus was and therefore did not make an effort to help me. I eventually became so ill that I was bedbound. I dropped out of school and continued to rest while my symptoms became worse. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and frustrated. Talking to my school advisor, I learned she too struggled with mono for years and did not find any relief until she tried acupuncture. I began researching holistic healing and came across Deb Valentin’s practice online. I arrived at Deb’s office barely able to walk. I was so weak that even a short walk would exude all my energy. I had body aches and migraines and a slew of respiratory problems. I had a chronic cough, shortness of breath, chest pains and congestion. I had lost my appetite and suffered from nausea resulting in a weight loss of 20 pounds. I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort. I sat down in Deb’s office and explained all my symptoms. She looked at my tongue, took my pulse and began to explain which organs were weakened by the mono, how this was affecting my body and how to replenish my ailing body. I had been looking for these answers for nearly a year and a half and was beyond relieved to hear the problem and even better, a solution. Within a few sessions my symptoms had improved greatly, within a few months I was completely healed. I started working again and attending school the following semester. I still see Deb nearly a year later when I feel my body becoming weak or sick again or when the stresses of life becomes overwhelming. Deb is very knowledgeable and is always giving me tips to live a healthier life. I would absolutely recommend Deb’s practice to anyone who is suffering and cannot find the relief they deserve."
– Erin, Graduate Student

Chronic Back Pain

"I cannot say enough about Deborah Valentin and her acupuncture treatments. I started going to Deborah about 2 years ago for my back pain, and I don't think I will ever stop the treatments. She is completely dedicated to working with me to alleviate my back pain. Her practice is wholistic- focusing on all aspects of living a healthy life — from pain management to exercise and diet recommendations. My back pain no longer gets in the way of my life, and I never thought I would get to this place."
– Nellie Peck, Marketing Director

Acid Reflux

"I first came to Deb seeking relief for a few problems, the worst of which was some stress-related acid reflux. I was taking an array of over-the-counter medications without relief. Additionally, my medical doctor put me on an expensive OTC medication, and I was also seeing a psychologist for my anxiety. Still, something seemed amiss, unbalanced, and being a medical practitioner myself, I knew it wasn’t being properly addressed by Western medicine alone. So, I decided to try Chinese medicine. Between my treatments with Deb and the herbal regimen, my symptoms began to resolve in a few weeks. I don’t use any of the other medications anymore! Deb, in addition to being a skillful practitioner, is also a great listener and always very supportive and attentive to my needs. She makes me feel so comfortable and I always look forward to my appointments with Deb. They’re the most relaxing part of my day! I’ve already recommended Deb to my family members and would recommend her to anyone else looking for some relief!"
– Becky, Physicians Assistant

IUI and Acupuncture

"For almost two years my husband I tried to conceive our first child. Being in our mid-twenties, we were not expecting to have any problems. We spent the first year trying "naturally", thinking that my body needed time to adjust to not receiving birth control pills. Ten months later, we will still didn't have any success, so we started to see an infertility specialist - who determined I was not able to ovulate. After several months of treatment nothing seemed to work. Both my husband and I were sick with the amount of hormone shots that were being injected into my body on a regular basis. During this time we had heard from many of our friends, stories about other couples conceiving from the use of acupuncture. My first though, "Acupuncture, really? How will being poked with needles help me get pregnant?!" But, out of sheer frustration and desperation, we gave it a go. Which is how I met Debbie at Sage Wellness. And I am so happy I did! I started seeing Debbie in June of 2008. From my first meeting with Debbie, I felt comfortable right away. She spent a lot of time with me to discuss and understand my symptoms, past treatments, and my feelings. She put me put on a diet to cut out dairy and sugar due to my "dampness", tracked my Basel body temperature, and prescribed herbs for me to take every morning (and she'll even admit, they taste terrible! J). In addition, we meet on a weekly basis for over a month to receive my acupuncture treatments. On August 20 I found out I was pregnant, four weeks pregnant! My first and only round of acupuncture with Debbie was a success! Today I am 15 weeks and feeling great! I had my doubts, but I'll never doubt again."
– Brooke, Accounting

Quitting Smoking and Insomnia

"A few years ago I decided to once and for all quit smoking, I had attempted quitting smoking several times before, but with little success as I found the withdrawal symptoms I experienced were not painful to me but to all those who crossed my path.A friend of mine suggested I see Debbie for acupuncture treatments in order to ease the withdrawal symptoms and assist quitting once and for all. With some trepidation I spoke with my primary physician about my plans to seek alternative practices to quit smoking. He assured me that those who practiced Chinese medicine and acupuncturists were "quacks". Although I was dubious I decided I had nothing to lose and called Debbie for an appointment. To my amazement, the treatments worked remarkably well. So well that I then began treatment with Debbie for insomnia, which I have struggled with since, I was a teenager. Again, I was dubious of the success of acupuncture and herbs to cure what I perceived to be pathological and genetic in nature. Again, I was and continue to be amazed by the progress I have achieved through treatments. The improvements in my overall health were miraculous, and I am now a great advocate of alternative approaches to healing."
– Jackie Cipolla, Graduate Student


"I came to Deb at a time when I was experiencing acute anxiety about upcoming life changes which resulted in an array of physical symptoms (nausea, retching, abdominal pain, etc). The two things that made me know I was in the right place were Deb's initial requirement that I participate in my own recovery — i.e. be willing to prioritize getting better — and the fact that I felt I could be totally honest with her and not feel judged in any way. Our weekly Friday sessions were a source of healing, calm, and strength that enabled me to rebuild myself from a debilitating period in my life and for that I am and will always be incredibly grateful. See her for what ails you! She is a true healer."
– Adriana, Editor

Adult Acne

"I had suffered from adult acne for several years. My acne was related to stress/hormone fluctuation, but I wanted to stay away from pills and a chemical approach. I had never tried acupuncture before and feel so grateful that Deb's treatment was recommended to me. I had tried everything from topical products to laser facials and was frustrated and disappointed with their inefficacy. Deb's approach is holistic and thorough. She addressed every aspect of my symptoms, including dietary modifications, environmental changes, topical products, herbal supplements and, of course, the acupuncture itself. She is extremely competent and generous with her talents and knowledge. She was always flexible with my scheduling, our meetings were never rushed and her focus and concern made our sessions feel thorough, thoughtful and effective. The herbal treatment and acupuncture, in particular, were modified depending on my symptoms and progress from week to week. I've seen more improvement with my skin than I'd have every imagined, and my family and friends have noticed as well. I feel more aware, confident and centered — and my skin reflects that. I'm so happy I worked with Deb and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a more holistic approach to medicine."
– Catherine, Actress

Shoulder Pain

"I have suffered from shoulder pain from an injury for about one year with little success from other medical treatments when I decided to do research online for alternative treatments and found Deborah Valentin of Sage Wellness. I read the testimonials and decided to go see her. I can tell you this is the best thing I did. Deborah Valentin is wonderful. She is compassionate and very passionate and knowledgeable in what she does. I received several treatments of acupuncture and I also took herbal supplements. I have not felt better. The pain is gone. I can finally say that this changed my life!"
– Jasmine Nieves, Mother Of Three

Labor Induction

"I've been a dedicated client of Sage Wellness for months, having successfully seen Deb for a variety of ailments.

After being 7 days overdue with my first pregnancy, I decided to try acupuncture to induce labor and avoid the need to be medically induced in the hospital. Deb went out of her way to accommodate me at short notice. As always, her calm, confident demeanor helped me to relax. Immediately after my final treatment I started experiencing strong contractions, and they continued then increased when I got home. My beautiful daughter Kaia was born the next morning just as I had wanted, with no medical intervention. Thank you Deb, not only for your professional skill and expertise but also your kindness and reassuring manner. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend Sage Wellness for labor induction."
– M.B., New Mom

Endometriosis, Fibroids and Ovarian Cysts

"Initially started treatment with Deb for advanced stage endometriosis, fibroids, and ovarian cysts that were deeply disrupting my quality of life. Deb really took the time to understand my needs and body and helped me to get to the roots of the underlying issues. From the first session, Deb was extremely empathetic and optimistic about how my health would improve. With the help of weekly treatments and herbs, it did! I really started to feel much better physically and mentally, and Deb completely managed the terrible pelvic pain, without me having to face the awful side effects of pain killers. I still go to Deb weekly to decrease stagnation and to dispel periodic pain from a herniated disc.

She continues to further my daily wellness and I would have never achieved these results through traditional western medicine. I really could not recommend Deb or her practice more."
– M.M., Editor

Bloating and Indigestion

"I first visited Deb for a chronic digestive problem- I experienced pain every time I ate. I had previously seen dietitians and specialists, changed my diet, was tested for allergies and was told that nothing was wrong. However, I chronically experienced abdominal pain after each meal for an entire year. A friend recommended Sage Wellness. My first visit with Deb answered many questions and I started feeling relief in the first few weeks. Deb treated my chronic digestive problem while simultaneously relieving some of my other problems such as frequently waking during the night, insomnia, seasonal allergies, lack of energy, and anxiety. I am grateful to Deb for changing my life — she successfully healed my digestive issues and so much more — I enjoy all of my meals, I sleep well, I have tons of energy and will continue to see her to improve my well being and quality of life!"
– Carrie, Finance

"Deb's approach is holistic and thorough. She addressed every aspect of my symptoms, including dietary modifications, environmental changes, topical products, herbal supplements and, of course, the acupuncture itself." – Catherine, Actress